Moving into your New Executive Office Space - A Handy Checklist

Relocation is never easy, especially when it is a running business. Big businesses have the means to manage it all; whereas, small businesses face the heat by losing out on work hours while braving about being a one-man army to accomplish everything. However, if planned well in advance, it is easy to shift sans any disruption. Here is a handy checklist to help you move seamlessly into your new executive office:

Moving date and schedule Know your moving date to chart out a plan accordingly. Talk to the office manager to work around the best time for relocating. As a small business owner, you must move early morning on D-Day to avoid losing the previous evening and moving day's morning work hours.

Internal Planning Once the exact time and date of relocation have been set, at least a fortnight in advance, it is time to start the internal planning. Ask for the volunteers for relocation among the team members. Divide the work among them equally. If there are none, divide the work in the coming days for yourself. The following points will guide you in making the fortnight checklist.

Visit the executive office regularly Visiting your new office to check on preparations to welcome you as a member is a must. Have a look a fortnight, a week, and a day before the move. Ensure that your requested customization is followed through and that they know of your arrival.

Book the best movers Booking the best packers and movers in the city well in advance is vital to save your productive hours and hard efforts.

Inform your suppliers Send out a circular to inform your suppliers that all your future deliveries should now be made to your new office. It is important, especially if your supplies' delivery date coincides with your moving date.

Notify your customers It is important to inform your customers early on about the new location. It is best to send the news out as soon as your new office is finalized. It will help them for a new ambiance the next time they have a session with you.

Early setup The last way to not disrupt the work is to go for an early setup on D-Day. Having a moving truck pack and haul your old home office a few hours early in the morning would help you resettle everything in time in your new office, right before the opening hour.