4 Ways to make the most of your Office Space for Lease

Most business owners are won over by the apparent glitzy benefits of executive office space. Not realizing the hidden benefits of having a shared office space make them juice out less than being informed about them all. But how do you find them? If you, too, have been tempted to get the extras in the deal, read on:

Strike a chord with the manager

Every co-working office has a property manager who facilitates smooth operations and is always focused on maximizing the benefits of every business. But to help him help you, striking the right chord is necessary. Start knowing your property manager from day one. Invest a few minutes in it daily during the cafeteria breaks or slump hours. There is no one else who knows a legitimate fix to all your office-related problems.

Participate in community events

Most coworking spaces organize regular networking events to ensure harmony among the different businesses flourishing under the common roof. Never say no to these events. Not only does it help break the ice between the stranger on the workstation next to you but a cushion to fall upon when you have a sudden supply shortage of common gadgets/equipment/products.

Socialize instead of networking

Many people would advise you to network to gain clients and relevant connections for growth. But letting others feel that they are just your stepping stone to the next level can rather be damaging when you are in a community environment. The very nature of communities is genuine trust and care for each other; everything follows. Offer free help/advice to strike genuine friendships, simply to improve work-life quality. A happy place leads to a happy mind leading you to deliver the finest service to every client.

Collaborative assignments

Knowing your neighborhood businesses with genuine socialization can be the ultimate marketing strategy in a co-working environment. Say you are a small salon owner sharing your executive office with a spa owner. Striking a great rapport with the spa owner can be leveraged to cross-promote your businesses by offering your clients a discounted spa session on a certain salon treatment and vice versa. When the benefits are two-way, collaboration is always welcomed.

Summing Up

Executive office spaces are like a mini-Instagram for small business owners: you work, socialize, and benefit both professionally and personally. All you have to do is explore your surroundings and be accessible to the community. Saying ‘hello’ and ‘bye’ have been known to contribute greatly to the success of businesses under the same roof.