Executive Office Spaces

Leezaspace | What do you need to know about Executive Office Spaces?

If you are a small business owner, you know the benefits of attending to your client from the comfort of your home. Now let us compare it with your counterpart working from his professional space. You are attending a bride pampering session from a salon run from the comfort of your home with your family members ushering in and out of the cozy home surrounding. And your counterpart doing it from his executive salon area with soothing music and a pampering-region vibe.

Under such circumstances, the bride could be charged more for the salon experience? Which environment would persuade her to bargain for expert services? You have got the answer. Now it is time to go for an executive office space to stop losing more than you are earning. And to break the string of wrong business decisions here is all you need to know before selecting the executive office space for your brand.


The foremost concern of any business owner must be to choose an executive space that caters to a similar business community. Hiring an executive space for a salon in a locality meant for private tutorials for competitive exams would not contribute to the business growth and reputation.


Having selected an executive space belonging to the same business vertical as yours' should not be the end of the search for the perfect location. Some places may be high-end but lack the warmth that your workers and client might seek. Thus, always make a point to visit the place once to gauge the vibe of the area and your new would-be neighbors sharing the infrastructure. Only a matching vibe with that of your business would ensure employee retention and repeat customers.

Accurate Location

Executive office spaces are leased for a fixed lease duration to occupy a private office unit. Additional perks and benefits such was water, electricity, utilities, internet and network connectivity would cost you an additional monthly price. To avoid incurring extra operational costs, always work out the exact area details beforehand. Choose spaces that come at flat rates or all-inclusive prices with no hidden costs and extra charges. Another pro tip is to discuss the growth prospects with the owners, in case there is an urge to upgrade the scale of operations.


Where location, price, and infrastructure are the obvious considerations for every small business owner while selecting an executive office space, what is well ignored is the amenities that happen to be necessary for offering the finest service to the clients. For example, having a coffee machine is an essential part of long pampering sessions in spas and salons. Realize your set of amenities to look for them in the package!