Guide to Managed Office Spaces

A Complete Guide to Managed Office Spaces

Traditional offices are quickly being replaced by modern forms of offices like serviced and managed ones. Out of the two, managed offices are winning the race, with many businesses opting for managed locations rather than traditional or serviced ones. So, what exactly are managed spaces, why must you go for one over a serviced location, and how should you select a perfect managed office space? Let us get started!

What are Managed Offices?

These are tailored office spaces managed by third-party operators, thereby saving businesses from looking after the physical aspects of the building. The entire infrastructural woes of the business are outsourced to the third party to custom-design the office for a lump sum rent, generally charged quarterly. The lucrative part of zero hidden fees has contributed to driving the sector's tremendous growth.

Serviced Offices v/s Managed Offices

Where serviced offices offer prompt move-in and shorter lease periods, they have not been able to lure many businesses on falling short on the following major necessities:

Customization Managed office spaces provide full customization vis-a-vis brand’s culture, layout, and any niche specification.

Rent v/s Area Occupied Managed offices charge rent based on square foot occupied against serviced ones that charge per person/desk per month.

Privacy Where serviced offices are generally shared spaces, managed offices offer the much-needed privacy to let you focus on operational efficiency.

Tips to Choose the Best Managed Office

If you are inching closer to finalizing leasing a managed office for your business, look for the following best tips to secure the best one:

Costs Look for the space and amenities included in the package. Also, seek clarity on rent escalation in the future.

Location Always go for a managed office in a premium location. Think about the impression on clients with an address at Times Square.

Accessibility Office accessibility to your employees and clients is necessary. So is the presence of a buzzing market nearby!

Neighbors Many managed offices are established near city centers, with MNCs clustering around. Look for such offices to seize opportunities for business growth.

Security Office accessibility to your employees and clients is necessary. So is the presence of a buzzing market nearby!

Summing Up

Once you have zeroed in on a few desirable locations, tour them personally and understand the lease terms before signing. Remember the golden rule of enquiring in case of doubts