5 Futuristic Trends for Coworking Spaces in 2023

Coworking spaces grew from zero to around 18,000 globally in just over a decade. However, the post-pandemic era has led to an unprecedented demand for such working spaces, speeding up the growth many-fold. Racing towards more than doubling this number by 2024 alone (as reported by Coworking Insights), the sector is experimenting like never before with trends to fuel the growth to hit the target. Here are a few coworking spaces trends in 2023 that experts are betting big on:

Going Green

The present generation, which is the most eco-conscious one, fuels the growth of coworking spaces. Thus, the experts are betting big on coworkers demanding these spaces to align perfectly with sustainable practices to achieve environmental efficiency. Expect everything from locally-sourced recycled furniture to organic food/drinks to reusable energy to keep the carbon footprints minimal. Add a biophilic design for staying close to nature for instant rejuvenation while at work.

Coworking Passport

A coworking passport to let coworkers work from any global location will be a trend in 2023. It will help offer easy access to the members to all the facilities like shared software, cloud services, and other tech-related amenities in all the locations of the passport-like program. The idea is to accommodate coworkers who frequently travel across multiple cities.


2023 will give way to user-centric technology by introducing never-seen-before automation in coworking spaces. Modular tech stacks will integrate well into these areas to make the coworking spaces easier and cheaper. A robust coworking space management software, access cards, automated invoices, easy employee time tracking, and minimal-to-zero human interference will be the trend in 2023.

Unique Offerings

The concept of coworking spaces works around having a close-knit community while at work. Expect 2023 to be the year that will take this ideology to the highest level by introducing unique offerings. These can range from recreational zones with multiple games, yoga classes, pools, gyms, on-site childcare services, and social events like live gigs or movie nights, to mention a few.

Rounding Up

Strict office policies and job targets suffocated the social aspects of working while your peers have your back. The problem was brought to light by remote working during the pandemic; the solution was making the employees feel at home to maintain the same productivity as in remote working. Thus, to simulate the homely environment, every element that adds warmth to the workstations will be a big trend in coworking spaces in 2023!